What Smart Scales Work With Fitbit?

Does Withings scale work with Fitbit?

When your Fitbit and Withings accounts are linked, your daily Withings scale weight and body fat percentage measurements will automatically show up in your Fitbit dashboard..

How do I connect my smart scale to my Fitbit?

What should I know about using the Fitbit app on my Android phone?…Reconnecting your scale (step-by-step)In a web browser, go to fitbit.com/scale/setup/start.Click the pink Get Started button in order to begin the setup process.Enter a name for your scale and your initials.More items…

Which Fitbit scale is best?

Fitbit Aria Air This digital bathroom scale is best for people who currently use a Fitbit wearable and want all of their data — activity, nutrition, weight, BMI, body fat, sleep — in one dashboard. The Aria Air is an update to the Aria 2 I tested in 2019.

What is the most accurate smart scale?

The 9 Best Smart Scales of 2020Best Overall: RENPHO Body Fat Scale at Amazon. … Best for Cardiovascular Health: Withings Body Cardio Smart Scale at Amazon. … Best Budget: WYZE Scale at Amazon. … Best for Measuring Body Fat: Omron Body Composition Monitor at Amazon. … Best Features: … Best Design: … Best with App: … Best with Wi-Fi:More items…•

Is the Fitbit scale worth it?

Although the Fitbit Aria is a good looking scale and its basic functionality alone probably makes it worth the $129.95 (which isn’t that big a premium over a decent standalone bathroom scale), it’s in the connectivity that it really shines.

Does Health Mate sync with Fitbit?

Fitbit is a fitness app that connects to Fitbit activity trackers and can monitor calories burned, steps, distance, and sleep quality. … Connecting the Health Mate app to Fitbit enables you to export weight data recorded by Withings scales. You will also have the ability to import step data from Fitbit into Health Mate.