Quick Answer: Is A Youth Size 4 The Same As A Women’S 6?

What UK size is a US size 4?

Women’s Clothing SizesUS & CANUK & AUSBust4832″ 81 cm61034″ 86 cm81236″ 91 cm101438″ 97 cm2 more rows.

What size is 4.5 in women’s?

Women’s Shoe Size ChartUSE.U.Inches4358.254.5358.375535.58.55.5368.7513 more rows

What is UK size 4 shoe in us?

A US men’s size 6, for example, is a UK 5.5 and a US women’s size 6 is a UK womens size 8….US to UK Shoe Size.UKUS Women’sUS Men’s464.54.56.55575.55.57.5627 more rows

What size women’s shoe is a youth 4?

SIZE CHART: Y = YOUTHFOOT LENGTH (in.)US KIDS SIZEUS WOMEN’S SIZE8 13/164Y5.58 15/164.5Y69 2/165Y6.59 4/165.5Y716 more rows

What size is a women’s 6 in kids?

According to the chart, if you fluctuate between a women’s size 6, and a women’s size 6.5, big kids’ size 4.5 will likely be a perfect fit, because it’s right between the two. If you tend to stick to one shoe size that almost always works for you, try the larger number in the big kids’ size equivalent first.

Is junior size 5 the same as women’s size 5?

Yes, it’s the same. At least I assume so, because I have size 4 in children and adult’s size and they both fit me.

Is size 7 and 7y the same?

@frodecatur There is a 7 mens and 7Y. They are the same size in length, but the adult size is made for an adults foot & the youth for a kid.

What size is a 4 in women’s shoes?

Shoe Size Conversion WomenUS Men’sUS Women’sEU45.535.54.5636.556.5375.5737.529 more rows

What does 4 Youth mean in shoe sizes?

These refer to child sizes, which is the 2T-3T, etc. sizing until you get up to 7-8, then move up to youth sizes which is more the small-medium-large spectrum. Since your son wears size 1-2 in shoe size, you should get the 13C-4Y size, which refers to size 13 in child shoe sizes up to size 4 youth shoes.