How Do You Use Synergy In A Sentence?

What is a synergistic effect?

Synergistic effects are nonlinear cumulative effects of two active ingredients with similar or related outcomes of their different activities, or active ingredients with sequential or supplemental activities..

What is human synergy?

Human synergy relates to human interaction and teamwork. … Synergy usually arises when two persons with different complementary skills cooperate.

How do you use synergistic in a sentence?

Synergistic in a Sentence 🔉I prefer to play a synergistic role in the teams I play on, offering assistance to my teammates but not necessarily taking the lead. … The best kind of team is a synergistic one, in which every member does his best to help the other members succeed as well so they can all win together.More items…

What is synergistic mean?

When something is synergistic, it means various parts are working together to produce an enhanced result. If you’ve just heard a synergistic symphony, the musicians must have played very well together.

What is drug synergy?

Two or more drugs that individually produce overtly similar effects will sometimes display greatly enhanced effects when given in combination. When the combined effect is greater than that predicted by their individual potencies, the combination is said to be synergistic.

What are the types of synergy?

The following are the main types of synergies that corporations enjoy:Marketing synergy. … Revenue synergy. … Financial synergy. … Management. … Savings on human resources costs. … Costs incurred in acquiring technology. … Distribution network.

What causes synergism?

In toxicology, synergism refers to the effect caused when exposure to two or more chemicals at one time results in health effects that are greater than the sum of the effects of the individual chemicals.

What is a synergistic relationship?

A synergistic relationship occurs when two people create a greater contribution together than they would independently. Synergistic relationships are based on co-creating outcomes. In synergistic relationships each person inquires about they other.

What is the opposite of synergy?

The opposite of synergy is ‘antergy’ which is a word I have just created. Synergy is from the Greek prefix ‘syn-‘ meaning ‘together’ and ‘ergon’ meaning ‘work’ so by extrapolation the greek ‘anti’ or ‘against’ combined with ‘ergon’ gives us ‘antergy’ the oppose of ‘synergy.

What is the opposite of synergize?

What is the opposite of synergize?burdenencumberconstraindeterhaltcripplecurtailscupperimpairinterrupt36 more rows

What is a cost synergy?

Cost synergy is the savings in operating costs expected after the merger of two companies. Cost synergies are cost reductions due to the increased efficiencies in the combined company. Cost synergy is one of three major synergy types, with the other two being revenue and financial synergies.

Is additivity the most common type of drug interaction?

Additivity is the most common type of drug interaction. Two central nervous system (CNS) depressants taken at the same time, a tranquilizer and alcohol, often cause depression equal to the sum of that caused by each drug. … Organophosphate insecticides interfere with nerve conduction.

What is synergy with example?

Synergy Example Synergy can be reflected in increased revenues and/or lower expenses. For example, a company may acquire a similar firm, allowing it to expand its product offering and, as a result, increase its sales and revenues. This could not have been accomplished had the two firms remained independant.

How would you describe synergy?

Synergy is the concept that the value and performance of two companies combined will be greater than the sum of the separate individual parts. If two companies can merge to create greater efficiency or scale, the result is what is sometimes referred to as a synergy merge.

How do you use synergy?

On the ServerInstall Synergy and open it.Select the ‘server’ option.On the main window, make sure ‘Configure Interactively’ is selected and click on ‘Configure Server’In the ‘Screens and links’ tab drag screens to represent your setup. Press ‘OK’Click ‘Start’

How do you create a synergy?

With the great philosopher in mind, here are five suggestions on how you can increase synergy in your workplace.Understand your objective. … Communicate. … Use technology to share information. … Encourage contribution. … Make it fun.

What is an example of drug synergism?

Examples of synergism used to treat patients are when physicians treat bacterial heart infections with ampicillin and gentamicin and when cancer patients receive radiation and chemotherapy or more than one chemotherapy drug at a time.

What is positive synergy?

Positive Synergy: the strength of the team is in the individual member… ​the strength of each member is in the team.

What is another term for synergy?

Similar words for synergy: coaction (noun) collaboration, cooperation (noun) concurrence (noun) … teamwork (noun) other synonyms.

Why is synergism dangerous?

Synergistic effects are when the sum of the effects is more than each chemical individually. This can create dangerous situations because each chemical is designed to work well on its own.