Does Strava Show Your Weight?

What is a good fatigue score?

Friel says a range of +15 to +25 on race day is a great place to be.

If your form is negative, you’re too tired to race man.

Take it easy for a few days.

Friel also recommends that during training phase keeping your form between -10 and -30 is also ideal..

Does strava calculate TSS?

If so, the TSS on Strava is estimated using your Heart Rate while your TSS in TrainerRoad is estimated based on your self-assessed RPE of the workout. … If you do have a power meter, you should be able to get the TSS to match up by setting your FTP as the same value in both TrainerRoad and Strava.

Will someone know if I unfollow them on Strava?

Users avoid offending others by unfollowing them, and are able to clean up their feed so they don’t have to see any activities they don’t want to. Strava won’t tell the athlete that they’ve been muted, and all of their activities, posts, challenge, and club joins will be hidden from the user.

Does someone know if you block them on Strava?

Blocking someone won’t send them a notification, but they’ll know something’s changed if they try to view your profile.

Can someone see if you look at their strava?

Everyone (By Default) If you join Strava and don’t lock down your account immediately, your tracked activities are visible to anyone with an internet connection. They even show up in Google searches.

Why does strava say 0 calories?

If no value is sent, or you record with the Strava mobile app, we use our own calculations. At this time, Strava only performs a calorie calculation on ride, run, walk, and hike activities. All other activity types will not display calories unless the upload partner includes the data with the activity upload.

Is strava accurate for calories?

Strava is always wildly off on calorie estimation. Occasionally it will be 2x the Garmin estimate. Going by the general rule of thumb of ~125 calories per mile for my weight, Garmin is right and strava is wrong.

How accurate is strava fitness?

One downside of the Fitness/Freshness chart is that it needs at least 42 days of data before it will give accurate results. … While Suffer Score and Fitness/Fitness can be calculated using heart rate only, for those of you who use a power meter, there are a number of other additional metrics on Strava that you can use.

How do I stop someone from seeing my strava?

You can block a Strava athlete from the profile page of the athlete that you’d like to block.On the website, click the gear icon and select “Block Athlete”.On the mobile app, tap three-dot icon in the upper right-hand corner and select “Block.”

Does strava track weight?

Weight: Don’t worry, we keep this one a secret. We use this information to help us make power output calculations (if you don’t own a power meter) and for filtering the leaderboard by weight.

Who can see my strava?

Anyone wanting to follow you will have to be approved by you, and only those you approve can see your uploaded activities and photos. Conversely, if Enhanced Privacy Mode is switched off, then anyone can see your photos, see your full name and any logged-in Strava user can follow you and view your activities.

Is Garmin or strava more accurate?

When I was having the same problem I found that the Strava trace was much closer to the paths on the image than the Garmin which seemed to straight line corners. Even with the Garmin set to it’s most accurate settings Strava was still better.

How many calories did I burn in my run?

The average person will burn between 80 to 140 calories per mile. 30 minutes of running will burn between 280 and 520 calories, depending on your weight and speed.

Where do I enter my weight on Strava?

How to Get Power for Your RidesGo to and enter your bike info under “My Gear” in your account settings. … Enter your personal weight in your profile settings.More items…•

Does strava show TSS?

Welcome to Strava TSS Calculator With Strava TSS Calculator you can connect to Strava and get your weekly TSS calculated to see if you are hitting your training goals or you need to go out for another ride.